Thursday, March 11, 2010

You missed a day

A friend who apparently checks my blog daily sent me an email this morning and the subject line was “You missed a day” and the body of the email said “on your blog.” I guess I was SO busy that blogging skipped my mind completely, sorry.

Yesterday was Relay meeting day. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Actually, not the whole day was a meeting, that didn’t start until 5, well my ride came at 5… what DID I do all day yesterday?

The day started with a phone call, Relay stuff. Then I had company, my friend Joan (also a team mate) who I hadn’t seen in what seemed like years. We had lots to talk about and I enjoyed her visit. After she left I know I printed a whole bunch of stuff for the meeting, until the printer decided it had enough and quit working on me. Then I had to email what else I needed printing to someone at work to print for me… thanks honey… I worked on another new pattern, I know that because I had the excel sheet open when I shut down the computer so it popped back up this morning.

Then the meeting, which I thought went well. People had fun, we made some important points and we raised some more money, which is what it’s all about.

Speaking of money, I got knocked out of second place last night. I’ve held that place proudly since the 2010 site was opened in September. Last night Sue turned in her annual begging money (that’s what she called it) and knocked me down to third. Guess it’s time to do some begging of my own…. If you want to donate to Relay NOT so I can beat Sue, but so we can find the cure for cancer and help people who are fighting it, then please make a donation.
You may PayPal donations at the Donation link at but you will not get a gift receipt from ACS. I promise your money will go to ACS, minus the PayPal fees. If you want a receipt from ACS you may make a donation at

Make a $30 donation and I will send you an invite to Mysteries For Relay for a year's worth of Mysteries. A new one starts on Saturday!

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