Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More snowballs

Ironic that I am posting about snowballs now, because for the first time in a month when I look out my living room windows I can see grass. The February blizzards are being washed away by March’s rains. We’re lucky we live close to the ocean and it’s keeping the air warm, or else this would be snow, again.

So what goes with a snowball nicely… There are a lot of blocks. Let’s look first at blocks which are already on the BOM list. Pretty much any nine patch block will go nicely, but some are nicer than others.

Here's the basic nine-patch block which goes great with the snowball.

Here is a diagram of the quilt that inspired this special snowball project. As you can see it has a classic light and dark contrasting nine-patch blocks, which to me brightened up the quilt a lot.

Here is a nine-patch snowball quilt my friend Kim made as a baby shower gift. I asked her permission to use her photo, and asked her what inspired her in making it. She replied “I sat down with a pile of fabric and started with the 9 patches and thinking all cream blocks were too plain decided to make the snow balls- is it my design? Probably not since 9 patch and snow balls are a classic design. Have I seen one done the way I did it? No.”

The design is very simple really, all the same nine-patch blocks and snowballs, just two blocks and look how gorgeous. (Thanks Kim for allowing me to use it!)

Check back, I’ll be showing more.

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