Tuesday, March 02, 2010


While I was blogging the other day I saw a darling little snowball and nine patch quilt which jumped off the page at me and screamed “MAKE ME!” (I saw it on a blog, didn’t bookmark or save url, and now I can’t find it again to ask permission to use photo) Since I’m not sewing these days thanks to my knee issues I am going to share my snowball and other blocks with my readers so you all can make your own darling snowball quilts.

The most basic snowball quilt is a snowball and nine patch, which is what got this all started. The one which screamed at me was all springy colors and whites, quite lovely. I’ve made a snowball, queen size, mine was purples. I like the quilt, don’t like the quilting. LONG story and I’m not going into it, but lesson learned. The quilt I saw the other day was much much prettier.

So, how do you start? First collect your fabrics. Let’s go scrappy. Pull some of your white-on-white scraps and leftover stash pieces. Then pull contrasting fabrics, darks and/or mediums will do as long as they contrast with the whites. If you have a LOT of one color you want to use as I did in my purple snowball, go for it.

I could and I will, sooner or later, give you yardages required etc for this project, but this really is a last minute thought and I’m putting it on line now unprepared… meaning last minute not thought out ahead of time project which is totally fun and can be strikingly beautiful too but meant to just use up fabrics.

So for today, if you want to do this, just pull those fabrics. I will work on the other stuff, patterns, yardages, etc and post more in the days to come… I promise.

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