Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I missed Monday!

Thanks Alice for your donation and good luck on winning the box!

Wow, I guess I was busy yesterday, so busy I forgot to blog. What did I do all day long? When I sit here now and think back about it, nothing at all, but I really accomplished a lot yesterday. I was on the phone a lot, taking care of business. One phone call was well over an hour long and well worth the time I spent talking to the person on the other end. Totally business call, and worth every minute. There were also several Relay For Life phone calls, working on another fundraiser.

And I will admit, I sat here and watched the rain often yesterday. Interesting rain, it poured from the left and it poured from the right, back and forth. Oh, it was also very windy yesterday which explains the blowing rain. But it was so fascinating to watch. Today is another dark and dreary day but so far at least there isn’t any rain to entertain me.

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