Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Where are you?"

Funny, this “friend” of mine emails me now if I don’t post after two days. It’s nice she’s keeping up on me, but sure makes me think I am being watched. Good thing she is on the other side of the world or I might worry about a stalker, LOL. (But she's a nice stalker if she is!)

I thought I posted on Sunday, sorry, I have no idea what happened. It wasn’t an eventful day, not many are lately. But I can confess, I did spend a LOT of time watching birdies. Not just any birds, but a few special hummingbirds in California. A friend send me a link and that was the rest of my weekend, honest!

Look at those faces, how can you resist not watching them prepare to fly out of the nest. So I worked on patterns on half screen and on the other half I watched Zipper and Velcro prepare for the adventure of their little lifetimes.

Yesterday there were internet issues, it was being worked on, today things are going smoothly and I do think a little faster so I guess what ever the work they did was successful. I had net off and on, and when I was on I checked emails and checked hummers too. I was fortunate to be on when they finally flew the nest last night for good. One month give or take a few days and I will have my own hummers back, I can't wait!

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