Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring And Happy 40th Birthday Tara!

I can easily believe it is spring today, the windows are open, the birds are singing, the flowers blooming and it is truly a beautiful spring day here. However I know that’s not true all over, several of my web friends are looking at a snowy day in CO, OK and AR. Hang on ladies, spring is coming, I promise!

I can not believe that Tara is hitting the big 40 this year. Seems like just yesterday she joined the family and surprised us climbing down the outside of the stair railings, LOL! Look at her now, a Mom to two active boys… where has time gone? Whatever you are doing today Tara, I hope your guys are spoiling you rotten, you deserve it!

New dryer was delivered a little bit ago. Funny thing, when they were testing it the smoke detector went off. We all assumed it was the new heat smell, but checked everything just incase. Ran it again for a minute and as soon as he turned it off, by opening the door, smoke detector went off again. Then it dawned on the installer that it was letting heat out, and of course the smoke/heat detector is right over the washer and dryer. All is well and it is now happily drying a load of clothes.

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  1. My son Sean was 40 today too! I can hardly believe it!


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