Sunday, March 28, 2010

For those who have asked

Several faithful readers and dear friends have asked recently how John’s Aunt is doing. I’d like to say fine but it wouldn’t be true. She is slipping fast and things are happening which we hope will help, but realize she is beyond the help we wish was available.

Since we went to court the end of February John and his Uncle have been caring for her pretty much on their own. That is mostly due to the fact that John’s mother is holding a horrible grudge and that Aunt is not happy with her, which adds up to a miserable relationship. John’s mother tends to complicate matters all around.

John and Uncle took Aunt to visit a home which is very nice and she actually fell in love with it. She decided on her own to move there and signed a contract and paid a deposit. Then John’s mother told Aunt she was also moving there and now Aunt does not want to go there. John’s mother could never financially afford to live there, not unless she wins a lottery or something, so that will never happen. Telling Aunt that was simply cruel and heartless and completely uncalled for.

There were many complications, banks, pensions, insurance, social security and even her vehicle.. each one more complicated than one would expect.

And very day Aunt loses more of herself. The other night she went into the kitchen to dish up ice cream for the three of them, John, Uncle and herself. A few minutes later she came out of the kitchen with a package of ham, cheese and tuna fish. She no longer knows her own birthday.

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  1. How sad for you all to watch her slipping away like this. She probably doesn't even realize what is happening but you do. It is very painful. A dear friend of mine went through this with her mother so I have some idea how you are feeling. I am keeping you all in my prayers Marge.


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