Monday, March 22, 2010

Reply to email

"Are your donations for real?
Not to be skeptical but are you for real?"

Yes, I am for real and my donations are for real also. If you are uncomfortable donating using PayPal, you can donate directly to the American Cancer Society on my Relay For Life web page at Put in the note that you are making a Box of Fabrics donation and you will be entered in the drawing also.

I don’t chastise this person for asking, I might ask myself if someone asked me to donate to a charity using PayPal. But I can assure you that ALL of the money you donate will go to Relay For Life, I will even pay the PayPal fees myself.

Why do I Relay?
I am Relaying for
Joan in Delaware, my special friend
Becky in Texas
Bob in Pennsylvania
Bourbon in New York
Carol in Pennsylvania
Carolyn in Ohio
Cheri in Delaware
Darlene in Delaware
Deke in Delaware
Doug in Arizona
Ginny in Virginia
Jim in Kentucky
Joanne in Ontario
Joe in Delaware
Jon in Tennessee
Juanita in New Jersey
Kim in Delaware
Kim in New Jersey
Marge in Arkansas
Marianne in Virginia
Mary K in Indiana
Pat in Delaware
Rich in NH (22 years!)
Shoshana in Oregon
so science will keep coming up with ways to help them fight stronger

And if you doubt I have fabric to give away… see anything you like?


  1. Hmph! I went to Joanne fabric the other day for my quilt backing and they didn't have anything I liked so I had to settle with something. However, NOW I know who took all the fabric! Marge!!! Should have know a great quilter would have all that fabric! hEHEHEHE!

    (yes, I should be packing and cleaning instead of visiting blogs. BUT I needed a little reprieve!)

  2. I have not shopped at Joanne's in over ten years, so you can NOT blame me, LOL!


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