Wednesday, March 31, 2010

24 days

Twenty-four days from now I will be in surgery getting the left knee cleaned up. Hopefully that will get rid of all the pain and agony I am going through, and get me back into the swing of things again. I know that the right knee is feeling 99% better after the surgery in November, except for an occasional twinge in the daytime and problems getting comfy in bed. Now if the left knee surgery is as successful as the right knee’s surgery was, I know I will be just fine and dandy.

The timing on that was critical, and I was really concerned about it. Last time they scheduled surgery it was a six week wait… six weeks from now is Relay. And most of this Doctor’s surgeries are on Friday, which would mean I would have missed Relay…. But instead I will be post-op and while not 100% I will be well enough to attend Relay and do my job there.

What a huge relief, both to my knees and Relay, and to my mental state also… I don’t think I could have handled waiting much longer AND missing Relay.


  1. So happy to hear the "end is in sight" Joanne H

  2. woohooo, I'll put this date on my prayer calendar for some extra thoughts that day. How nice that you will be able to be at your Relay event !! Hugs from soggy CT

  3. Good luck when the day comes! nothing worse than not felling up to par! My 80 year old mother recently had knee replacement #4, and is back to dancing in 3 months!


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