Friday, March 05, 2010


It’s a good Friday here, and have some very special friends to thank for my good mood today.

First my Relay friends… I sent out an email this morning thanking everyone who had donated recently. Why, because despite the sucky economy I have raised over $3000 so far this year. I am totally amazed because I didn’t think I would do this well this year. People are hurting and yet they are still donating. I wanted every one of my donors to know I appreciated them.

I did not expect that thank you to generate more donations, but it has. So I owe more thanks and more and more…

Second my retreat friends…. When you need a good laugh, just remember the good old days. For a reason I prefer not sharing here today I went through thirteen years of photos. I laughed till I hurt looking at some of them, and others made me want to cry. Whatever happened to.. remember … laughter… I wonder why.. oh dear dear Joanie… and ... and ... and… thirteen years of memories, mostly good. Thanks friends.

TGIF for sure…

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