Tuesday, January 05, 2010

10 Things Not to Buy in 2010

I’m not real sure why this caught my attention this morning as I was checking email, but it did.
10 Things Not to Buy in 2010
I found the whole article very interesting…

1. DVDs The days of going to a video shop to rent a movie are at an end.
Those days ended for me YEARS ago. I can’t even remember when I rented a movie last. I buy, but never at full price. There isn’t a movie that is worth $20 to me. I get my movies on half.com or Amazon and enjoy them just as much as someone who bought it at full price, or went to the movies to see it.

2. Home telephone service It will probably take a while, but home landlines could become as archaic as the rotary phone.
Until I get a full cell phone signal everywhere in my house all the time, I will keep my land line. And don’t even talk to me about going digital for the phone. Let me ask you a question, if you have a digital phone what happens when your power is out? No phone if you live in a dead cell phone area like I do…. Yes I’m keeping my land line.

3. External hard drives ... They are pushing on-line services… I’ve heard horror stories about them from more than one internet friend. Strangely, I JUST bought my first external hard drive, so I won’t need to buy another one, probably ever. And I won’t ever use an on-line service.

4. Smartphone also-rans.. Don’t get me started on smart phones, I want a cell phone that makes phone calls, period, nothing else. However every phone I like has something on it I will never ever use and don’t want but the cell phone company wants me to pay extra monthly for having it…. I want a cell phone that makes phone calls, that’s all.

5.Compact digital cameras... I love my compact digital camera and I love my single-lens reflex digital camera too. I will probably never replace my SLR camera, but may have to replace the compact digital should anything ever happen to the one I have. I doubt that these will ever go away, not everyone wants to lug around a huge one ALL of the time.

6. Newspaper subscriptions ...OK this I agree with. We haven’t gotten a newspaper for years now. Why read about what you can see on TV or hear on the radio or read about on line.

7. CDs... I agree, there is radio and besides, I own more CDs now than I can listen to the rest of my life.

8. New college textbooks...Thank goodness I can agree, our college days are done and over with. I can add to this, new books, period. If I want to read a book, I buy it at half.com or Amazon. I don’t think I’ve bought a new book in ages. And don't even get me started on digital books, when I read I want to hold the book in my hands and turn the pages.

9. Gas-guzzling cars… well until the industry makes a decent car that isn’t a gas guzzler, I will buy what I want and need. Although hopefully the car I have now will last me a few more years, and maybe when I do need a new one there will be what I need in a more fuel-efficient model.

10. Energy-inefficient homes and appliances… every appliance I own is energy efficient, and I didn’t know they made any that weren’t any more.

11. New Fabric... what, wait, that isn't on that list... but maybe it should be, I have enough to last forever even if I keep sewing beyond my lifetime...

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  1. Marge, I have just come across your blog and have spent some time reading. I had to laugh when I came across this post, especially item 10. As you said most appliances are now energy effecient, the point everyone neglects to mention is that they don't last more than 5 minutes before needing to be replaced. How is that energy efficient?


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