Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do people just sign up for things to get prizes?

I was emailing a friend back and forth, that one who bought the selvages, and she was commenting on my blog. “I didn’t know you had a blog” she said, and “it’s fun to read.” Then she said something that sort of hurt, but I was due that since I criticized her for buying selvages… she said I didn’t have a lot of fans.

OK, it only hurt for a minute, but it got me to thinking… what is a fan? Do you have to read me every single day to be a fan, or can you just stop by here occasionally and still be a fan. Does it even matter.

Then my friend (I think she’s a fan now) said I should give something away to get more fans. That made me think… do people visit blogs just to see what prizes they can get?

I asked her that… she came right back at me, “Why did you sign up for the Christmas quilt show, weren’t you looking for a prize?” I laughed, I’m never looking for a prize, and I really didn’t even know there were prizes. I thought it was just a way to explore other quilters Christmas quilts. I looked at every one, and even went back again recently to see if any more had been added. Prizes, I didn’t pay any attention to that.

So let me ask… do you sign up for, join in something, read or follow or be a fan of a blog just for the prize? My friend admitted she did, she signed up for every freebie she could find, every give away, everything that might get her something.

So friend let me ask you and the rest of my readers, are you looking for a prize when you read this? And do you sign up for everything and anything that might give you something for doing so?

Sorry, all I’m giving away are my words. Right now at least.

PS, something I just thought of, how does one know if they have fans or not, and does it matter. I would write even if I was the only one who read it. If you are a fan, thank you. If you just happened to find this, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Marge, I'm a fan and I don't look for the "prize". For starters half of them I am certain would not mail outside the country. I like the style (both verbal and sewing) of the quilters I follow on line. I don't check each blog I follow daily. If I did I would be sitting at the computer full time. Joanne H

  2. I do read your blog and enjoy it. Don't get hung up on followers or prizes, as much as write about what you want to write about and have fun!

    BTW...I look for blogs that bring me inspiration and fun. But while I don't look for giveaways & contests, I am amazed how many they are out there. And, I do enter when they look like they are fun. Shows on the other hand are very inspirational...and online shows are very easy to enjoy (need not drive & pay parking or show admission either).


  3. Hi Marge,
    Just found your blog, so stopping by to say hello. Fellowship is more important than prizes any day. Ros

  4. Marge, I tend to read quilting blogs to find out what other quilters are up to. So I'm sure there are a number of other people like me who look for inspiration.

  5. Hi Marge - I can honestly say that I don't look for blogs offering prizes specifically, but it's often the way I find a new blog to follow. A mention of a prize or a drawing on another blog might lead me to one that I may not have ever visited otherwise. And for the record, most of the time I don't register for the prizes unless it's a blog I've been following for some time. I'm generally looking for ideas and knowledge!

  6. I'm looking for inspriation, ideas, color, uniqueness and friendship.

    I don't look for prizes.

    I don't even write about other blogs on my blogs (bad I guess).

    I don't use the follow function on blogs either although I do use to track my favorite blogs.

  7. I consider myself a "fan" if I like a blogger's posts, whether or not I visit often.

    I rarely sign up for prizes. I never "follow" a blog just for a prize entry -- it feels a bit dishonest, even though I know it's what the blogger's telling me to do!

    If I think the giveaway is neat enough, I'll write about it on my own blog, (but I won't report back that I did it.)

  8. I do not look for prizes to read or follow a blog. I love looking at blogs because it gives me inspiration and helps to get me motivated to create my projects or try something new I've never done before.

  9. Yes, I like to sign up for prizes, but only ones that I'd actually use or enjoy. I become a fan of the site, if the blogger has common goals, shows interesting content and has plenty of eyecandy. Guess a contest pulls me in, but I then stay in and read even after the contest is over. I don't generally read daily, but if I'm following a quilt along or something fun, I"m back often!

  10. I don't look at blogs for prizes. i usually avoid those blogs unless they have any inspiring quilts. My favorite thing to see on blogs is quilts and craft ideas. Keep on writing and keep on quilting.

  11. I follow you on Google Reader, so I don't show up as a fan even though I follow your blog. I sometimes sign up for the giveaways, but they are just a bonus, not a reason.

  12. I read your blog every day Marge. I only sign up for blogs that interest me.

  13. I cringe every time I see someone else post about another bloggers give away. I don't sign up for giveaways because I would feel really guilty. I haven't done a give away on my blog because I don't want someone I don't "know" to win. Once in a while if I do a give away I announce it after the fact. "So and so was the third commenter so I'm sending off this gift."

  14. I do this because I enjoy the sharing of projects and tips. I started a blog to share my work and to manage a record of my projects... and I always enjoy reading yours. I found a baggie of selveges that are yours if you want them..


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