Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday was mystery day too

Friday was mystery day on Mysteries For Relay, but it ran over to Saturday, mostly because the ladies were working or had other work to do on Friday. There were quite a few sewing yesterday, but no finished tops yet to show for their work.

I am glad I now have a group of testers who can test the patterns for me. They are important for many reasons, and I sure hope they know I appreciate them. First, they sometimes find my booboos... and I mean more than anything my typos. Typos and grammatical errors, and occasionally math errors too. And I say sometimes, because there have been times that four people plus me check the pattern and as soon as I post it someone finds a booboo, LOL.

The other reason they are important especially now, is that I like having a finished top to show when I give a mystery. Since I’m not sewing a lot yet, the mysteries would be spaced a lot further apart than six weeks if they had to wait for me to finish a top. Yesterday when I posted the final clue revealing the mystery, I had four quilt tops to show, all testers. Thanks ladies.

And while they were sewing Mystery #12, I did very little on my Mystery #11 but I did make a block for a future mystery, one with no diagonal half squares or quarter squares either. I think they will like this one... I know they will appreciate a break from DHSs.

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