Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sewing yet Marge?

Quite a few ladies have emailed me recently, wondering if I am sewing yet. Your concern has warmed my heart, thank you. I can report that the answer to that question is yes… although not near as much as I would like to be. I did some mending for Kelly this weekend and it felt good to be sitting at the machine. Sure it was just a three inch hole in a seam, but I sewed it shut!

Incase you aren’t up to date on me... I had knee surgery back in November after six months of agony. Surgery was great and I was painless almost for about five weeks. Since then the pain is creeping back slowly but surely, as are the immobility issues. Stairs are an issue and have been and my sewing room is on the second floor. Standing for any length of time is an issue and I stand up when I cut. When I saw the Doctor he said it was arthritis and I would just have to live with it until the knees needed replacing and they weren't ready yet. I tried to tell him otherwise, but he wouldn't listen to me.

Yesterday I spent some serious time in the office going through the things we have brought back to the first floor, to see what I could work on. I have two UFOs, both mysteries from the Mysteries For Relay group, samples I have never finished. Both require squaring and cutting into quarters, which means standing up and that is still an issue. I stood and squared until the knees started hurting too much, and then tried sitting down and cutting. I’ve never been as accurate that way, but I guess I will have to learn. After an hour of cutting, I gave up for the day.

I will go back, every day, and build up the stamina as I square back the blocks. And I will practice cutting sitting down too. I’ll get all 64 blocks squared, eventually.

Then I will work on a few new blocks for new mysteries, which will add to my UFO list, but I need to get them done so I can pass these patterns on to the testers!

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