Friday, January 01, 2010


I got that header from Lands’ End in my email this morning, along with about three dozen other Happy New Year’s wishes from other on-line sites I have made purchases from. The subject of the Lands’ End email was “May your New Year be happy & your shipping be free‏.” If all my shipping was free, I would indeed be a happy consumer. Since I hate shopping so much, I do a lot on line and free shipping everywhere would be delightful. (I have been known not to make an on-line purchase because shipping is too high, many many many times!)

I’m about finished with my quilt inventory, and am quite pleased with what I discovered while doing it. I’m a much more organized quilter than I thought I was. I was bragging about the list to one of my on-line groups and someone brazenly suggested I write about my quilting history on here. I laughed and said no way, but honestly… thanks JoAnne, I’ve been thinking about it. As I went over all those quilts (almost 400) it brought up a lot of great memories.. and I might just share some of them on here.

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