Friday, January 15, 2010

There is something bothering me…

I probably will come off as a meanie for saying this, but.. I want to help the people of Haiti just as much as everyone else does, but how about the people here in our own country that need help and have needed help for years now. How about all the neighborhoods that were destroyed when Katrina came for a visit. How about all the families who have lost their homes and are living in cars due to the economy. How about them?
I shouldn’t watch the news, it upsets me too much. I think I will go back to not watching it again, it’s easier that way.


  1. Marge - I think there are many people who are thinking the same thing. Twice in the past 10 years there have been events in which donations were gathered, and we found out afterward that the funds did not always go to those in need. Help is certainly needed in Haiti. CBS reported this morning that there are many commenting that our taxes are being used to fund the effort.. and folks just don't have a lot left.

  2. When I was growing up many from our Church got involved with UNICEF. The corporate wages were far more than what we could gather together. The United Way was given a small amount out of my check and they had the nerve to tell me I was behind on my donations. After 6 letters and stamps and stationary and handling time I called and chewed them out. Not that places don't make a change we need to assess the places it is being sent and the amounts we can send. Many other s feel this way too. Chris

  3. I feel the same way . I live very close to New Orleans and saw first hand how these org. don't do what they are supposed to do to help people . After 911 we heard the same thing how some much was wasted and there was some real needs . R.C. has already raised over 6 mil. I bet those poor hurting people not see any of that money . We have a big heart when it comes to helping other countries but look at all the needs that we have in this country...

  4. Let me clarify…
    I do care about the people of Haiti, how could anyone not be heartbroken to see all of that devastation. I care, and I have donated, I am not heartless.

    But I also care about the people right here at home too. I donate money to an organization that I know gives help where needed, I researched it, and made sure that 100% of my money went to the cause, not to anything but the cause.

    But let me say something else. Sometimes it does cost money to raise money. Take ACS for instance.. they can’t raise it all by themselves without any expenses. Even our Relay has expenses. For example, last year we had to pay for porta-potties. Why weren’t they donated you ask… well think of it… porta-potties go to places where there are people who need them, like building sites. Building is way down, so porta-potties aren’t being rented as often and the porta-potty company couldn’t donate them. (They did give us a reduced price which helped us)

    And that is all I am going to say about that.


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