Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The rest of the 100

I got a lot of criticism because I quit at 50, so here is the rest of my list. And I’m starting at 48 so you will remember where I was going… that was the only way I could continue.

48. I get my ideas for patterns from all over, and hardly ever from quilt books.
49. I own a full bookcase and then some of quilting books
50. I have not touched one of the above since we moved them upstairs in August 2008
51. Some of my pattern ideas come from floors. I see an interesting floor, photograph it, and make it into a quilt
52. Some of my pattern ideas come from magazines, and I do NOT mean quilt magazines. It’s surprising how many ideas you get while waiting for a Doctor’s appointment.
53. Many of my pattern ideas come from friends “mistakes”
54. My pattern making process is top secret
55. When I get an idea, I first sketch it in whatever is available at the time such as the back of a Drs appointment card, or paper napkin
56. If possible, I photograph the inspiration, if not, see #55
57. If I need a new pattern idea, I look in my purse for sketches from #55. (I recently found one that was about five years old when I got out a purse to use over the winter)
58. I try, try being the opportune word, try to make all of my BOMs 12 1/2 inch blocks.
59. I have a collection of funny size blocks as a result of #58.
60. To me the hardest part of writing a pattern is the fabric requirements
61. I always like to overestimate, to allow for booboos and building of the stash
62. Stash building at one time was very important to me. Note past tense.
63. I started stash building in the 70s while working at a fabric store
64. I collected “pretty” fabrics when I started stash building, not necessarily cottons.
65. Back in the early 70s there wasn’t a lot of 100% cotton on the market
66. Most of my quilts made in the 70s have blends in them, some are all blends
67. I also collected polyester in the 70s
68. Most of my stash went into storage when we went overseas in 1987
69. Most of my stash was used to make blankets for homeless people when we came home from Europe in 1992
70. I designed my first quilt pattern in 1993
71. I still have the sample quilt from #70
72. I started stash building again in the late 90s while working at a local quilt shop
73. I got paid in fabric at that quilt shop
74. When I finally did get a pittance for my work, I used it to buy fabric anyway
75. I started traveling to teach in the late 1990s
76. I have taught classes in eight different states, TX, NC, VA, MD, PA, NJ, NY and of course here in Delaware
77. My favorite classes to teach are mysteries, because the students have no expectations of what they will do, and they usually outdo themselves.
78. I would rather teach someone to make their own quilt than to make it for them
79. My most difficult student was a nightmare in teaching
80. My most difficult student has become one of my dearest friends (love ya Joanie!)
81. I have made many wonderful friends through my quilting
82. I started retreating in 1997 when I was talked into it
83. There have been 31 “official” Quilters Retreats as of now
84. There has also been 13 “other” Quilters Retreats, held for private groups
85. A total of 301 ladies have attended Quilters Retreats since 1997
86. Quilters Retreats are my favorite way of teaching, and making friends
87. I do the Quilters Retreats for fun.
88. When the Quilters Retreats stop being fun, I will stop doing them
89. Stash building is no longer a priority
90. Using up my stash is now a top priority
91. I have enough stash to last me two lifetimes and then some
92. Eight of the ten newest quilts I have made were from my stash
93. After seeing quilts I have given as gifts abused, I do not like giving quilts as gifts anymore.
94. I probably will only make quilts for my boys, if they ever ask for one, no one else.
95. Although both boys have two or more quilts I have made for them
96. But… if and when they decide to tie the knot with their special ladies, I will make quilts for them if they want me to
97. And I most certainly will make baby quilts, if that day should ever come
98. To the best of my recollection through photos and other records, I have made a total of 386 quilts (give or take a few)
99. Of those quilts, over 260 are still in my possession
100. I need to sell a few quilts, to lower my inventory, and to raise money for Relay For Life.
Want to see my quilts for sale?


  1. Wow, you are way ahead of have actually put it all in writing. There is a sense of purpose now! Good luck with your 100!!! I am also so proud to be part of Relay for Life Quilting in our town, although you have outdone us all!! You should be so proud of all you have done. It has been my pleasure to run across your blog. Check out mine,
    May all your stitches be a blessing,
    Karen Hopple
    Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop
    Murphy, NC

  2. Oh my, I am impressed Marge! I need to start this kind of a log, journal what ever you want to call it. I think I'm motivated.


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