Friday, January 22, 2010

Mystery Day

It’s mystery Friday on Mysteries For Relay. Last night when I told John he said don’t you usually do them on weekends… yes, I usually do, and I have no idea why this one is starting on Friday, but it is. Most of the ladies don’t do the “mystery” anyway, they just wait for the full pattern to be posted, and then do that. If they want the mystery, or the full pattern, both stay on line about a week, so they can do which ever they please.

It’s my pleasure to do these mysteries, my way of thanking all of them for helping me help others fight back against cancer. There are a few survivors on the group, and a few who have family members or friends who are fighting now, and a few who have lost loved ones to cancer. I’m sure they each have a reason for joining and I’m not real sure it is for the mysteries. But that’s ok, they are helping a good cause and I certainly appreciate their support.

I will be sewing with the ladies this time, in my new sewing corner in the office. John helped me bring down what I needed from upstairs and we set up my little Jenome and now I can sew. I won’t be working on this mystery, but the one we did back in November. I want to finish that one, it’s for our bed.

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