Friday, January 08, 2010

Funny emails

I’ve had a few interesting emails lately that I wanted to share with someone. First one was back in early December. The writer wanted to know how much it would cost for a 45 by 60 log cabin. I started to reply with an estimate… I actually figured out what such a quilt would cost, estimated fabrics, quilting, labor etc, and had a nice estimate written up to send. When I hit reply I read again the original email, and it was “how much it would cost for a 45’ by 60’ log cabin.” I wondered to myself if that was a typo on their part, after all " is the uppercase for ' and that would be an easy mistake, I’ve done it myself.

So I replied, starting off my email with “If you are looking for a quilt the cost would be much lower than is you are looking for a wooden log cabin.” Shortly after I replied I heard back from them, “If you can build us a log cabin with that price you are hired.”

Monday in my spam folder was a request for so many tons of stepping stones to be delivered to such and such an address and they wanted to know how soon I could deliver and wondered if it would come from a local supplier. Well since they wanted tons, I knew that was a mistake, so I just deleted it.

Then I wondered, why did they email me for stepping stones, so I googled Stepping Stones and was on page 15 before I thought… they asked about stepping stones Delaware or Delaware stepping stones, and sure enough there it was. Google stepping stones Delaware I am the first one on page two. Google Delaware stepping stones I am on page one…I guess they didn’t know what a BOM was.

Today’s spam mail included a request for an estimate for attic windows in upstate Delaware… I have no doubt he googled Delaware attic windows and had no idea what a BOM was… but if you click on the google link, or any other search engine link for that matter, which they all had to do to get my email address, they had to see the BOMs, and had to know I didn’t sell log cabins, stepping stones OR attic windows… right?

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