Sunday, January 03, 2010

Shopping done

OK, my shopping is done for the year, don’t I wish. Quick trip to WalMart for three things…. Quick, what a joke. WalMart has been rearranged so you can’t find anything anywhere, and parts of the store looks like it was just Christmas with empty shelves. Oh wait, it was just Christmas. But don’t you think they would stock extra batteries for the holidays, especially AAs? Finally found them, and figured out why there weren’t any in the normal places, they were on sale. At least that’s what the tag on the hook said. Found all three of the items we needed, looked for one we’d forgotten to put on the list, but I guess a lot of people got razor blades for Christmas. ….

Check out, and guess what, the batteries rang up $1.10 higher than the shelf price. Cashier can’t do anything, have to go to customer service. I thought there might be a line, and if there had been, I would have just forgotten about it. But since there were two clerks working, and only one person in line, and since I didn’t want WalMart to rip off a lot of other people of their $1.10 I got in line.

30 minutes later I got waited on… of course they had to call a manager to go check the hooks for himself, which I do understand. I tell him the same sticker was on the AAs at both the camera department and at the front registers. He comes back ten minutes later with about six of the sale stickers and says give it to her for the sale price, but they aren’t on sale. OK, so no one else will get ripped off the $1.10 and I got a good deal on AAs.

Even better, when I get home and check the receipt, I was REFUNDED the sale price, and not the difference, so I paid $1.10… normally I would go back and correct it, but you should have seen how long that line was when I left there.

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  1. Marge, the "mistake" is in the border, one piece was joined incorrectly, the people go the wrong way!


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