Monday, January 18, 2010

I watched the news again

I actually turned on the TV to see when I might see the sun again and DH apparently had it on a new channel last, so that came on first, and there was another report about the devastation in Haiti. OK, here’s the thing, as quilters we want to send quilts. But get real, those people don’t need quilts now. And if we all send quilts they will clog up the process of getting things they really need down there. Things like water and food and medical necessities. Right now the ONLY way a quilter can help is to send money, and send it to a charity that you KNOW will give 100% of it to the Haitian people (NOT the Haitian government) My suggestion is the American Red Cross.

ANOTHER REASON THEY DON'T NEED QUILTS, it is in the 90s there most of the time. Any quilt you send there will most likely be slept on, and possibly on the ground too.

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