Monday, January 11, 2010

Retreat questions

My posting from yesterday brought a few retreat questions to my email box this morning. One retreater asked “does anyone need our help?” That showed me why I love doing these retreats, the friends I’ve made. This lady isn’t well off, and yet she is willing to help in any way someone she really doesn’t even know. No one is that bad off thank goodness, just cutting back on things they can do without, like a weeklong quilt retreat.

Another special friend sent me an email saying “Your blog post was just so very sad.” I was sad when I wrote it and still am. I will miss the Spring Retreat since it is so relaxing and I usually get so much done at them. I will miss even more the friends that I won’t get to see for a few more months or even a whole year.

I myself thought of making the retreat shorter and another retreater asked if a shorter retreat would help someone be able to come. Sadly, not this year. Things are just tight all around. And there were not enough of us who could come to break even.

“Will you cancel the other retreats too?” I sure hope not, but if things get worse and the ladies who are signed up for October and November start dropping out, we might have to make some changes. If things get really bad and people start dropping out, we could combine retreats. But I’m not going to even think about that, not until the end of the summer at least. I will make a decision on September 1st, but as of now, both October and November are good to go.

Not to worry, we will have our retreats and hopefully both of them. I have new patterns for the October Scrappy Happy ladies, and I have a new pattern I am working on just for the November retreaters (and possibly at the same time the Mysteries For Relay group too)

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  1. I was sad too when I read your news, but I have to commend (and your friends) you on your wonderful attitude. Things WILL get better.


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