Thursday, January 14, 2010

Relay, quilts and lots of reading

While looking for some new fundraising ideas for Relay I happened to find a new quilters blog list… Honest that’s how it happened. I really need to raise some more money, because more friends have heard those dreaded words “you have cancer”. I want to help them, but I’m helpless. I want to make them quilts, but they are quilters and have quilts already. I want to find a cure, but I’m no scientist so the only way I can help them is to raise money. I’m going to put a few of my quilts for sale, maybe that will help. And I think I will raffle one off… maybe that will help too. But…I wish I would win the lottery, but I haven’t bought a ticket in months.

OK, so I think I googled about fundraising with quilts… or something like that, and I found a blog that had a quilt she was raffling off. (Raffle was over and she raised $486) and I noticed this blogger was on a quilter blog list, and I clicked on that link and wow… another 890 some quilt blogs to look at. At one point I had so many web pages open the computer started making funny noises. Oh wait, that's just my tummy growling. And next thing you know, the day is almost over and I’ve done practically nothing.

Well I did work on the Relay site some, updating after last night’s meeting, and I did work on the Registration Rally email, which should go out soon… but no quilting, and no fundraising, just reading reading and more reading. Quilters are interesting people.

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