Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well my Super Stash Bowl certainly got some attention, but then again I did post it on two of my Yahoo groups and on my web page as well as here on the blog.

Funny how people ask me questions that I already answered, can’t they read?

One lady asked me if I could tell her how much fabric she needed. I had already answered on 5. What are the yardages… depends on how many you have. The same person asked me if she could use her scraps, answered the first time, #6 Can I use scraps… if you have them, use them

Another quilter wanted a sneak peek at the finished project. I told her she would have to finish it before she could peek at it. Then she said can you show me yours… I told her I stopped playing that game when I was 8. And besides, my scraps are totally different from her scraps and no way could or would our quilts look alike.

A few ladies wanted to know if I would post the precutting directions soon so they could get started on them, yes I will, maybe even tomorrow… I’m working on it.

And several ladies asked me if this was a mystery... I don’t know about you, but most of my quilts are mysteries. I have a general idea in my head when I start them, and even with Electric Quilt and all of my diagramming, my quilts always surprise me when I am finished. So yes, this is a mystery, a total and complete mystery. And how you solve it will be up to you, your stash and scraps, and your willingness to play along.

My only guarantee is that you will use up some of your scraps or stash and that you will have fun

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  1. You are too funny Marge, "can you show me yours" response was a classic,ROFL!
    I always have too many "scraps" so I may join in!


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