Saturday, January 09, 2010

Spring Retreat

Normally the Spring Retreat is held the same time as the Quilters Heritage Celebration, but long after last year’s show, and after arrangements for this year’s retreat were made, the show was cancelled. Then AQS announced that they would be having a show in Lancaster, but the dates were not the same as the Quilters Heritage Celebration so the retreaters had a decision to make, show or no show. I gave them a choice, change retreat dates and do the new AQS Lancaster show, or just have a plain old retreat and get some serious sewing done. The twenty-four ladies who I polled ALL said they could go a year without a show.

The majority of them said they had enough sewing to do to keep them busy a month, let alone the week that was the retreat. Others said they didn’t need to buy anything or be tempted to buy anything or get any new ideas so could go a year without a show. Others said they would enjoy shopping their favorite quilt stores without the show crowds for a change.

When this all happened I was still sewing, my knees were cooperating more, and the stairs, although not a pleasure, were doable. Little did I know… Now those same stairs are almost Mt Everest to me, and just as impossible to manipulate. Now sewing is a distant memory, since the last time I did any was at the fall retreats. And NOW I am looking forward to the Spring Retreat and a whole week of quilting with such anticipation I can hardly stand it.

Imagine, five glorious days in a beautiful hotel overlooking lovely Amish farms, breakfast every morning right there. A gigantic conference room to sew in. All the sewing time you want 24 hours a day if you can stay awake that long, and nothing to interrupt you. A quilt shop within walking distance (if you are walking better than me anyway) just in case you need anything.
And then the economy hit bottom...

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