Monday, January 04, 2010

(Almost) prefect binding

A friend sent me this link to look at because she says “it’s almost the way you do it” Well yes, almost, and I do think I will try this technique out for myself.

But let me tell you the differences in my techniques and Julie’s… then you will know how I do it.
Sorry, no photos, my rulers bindings and everything else is upstairs, and I’m still not climbing them.

Photo one I agree with

Photo two, never did this but I will try it… as it seemed to work nicely for Julie as you will see in the end.

Photo three, iron seams open… well this is one of those pre-wash or not arguments which I won’t get into. But I never press my seams open.

Photo four, iron binding in half… I never do this either, not real sure why you have to. I press binding after I sew it on by machine and before sewing down by hand.

Photo five, nice pile? No such thing as a nice pile, LOL! I usually (ok sometimes) depending on how long a binding it is, fold it neatly accordion style and use a clip to secure it.

Next photo, 8” tail, yes and no. I usually leave at least 12 inches, give or take.

Photos seven to ten, yes, this is exactly how I do it.

From here on I differ with her, but pretty much do the same technique. I pin my binding rather than mark with pencil, and I sew and then cut, that way if I didn’t pin enough I still have it on there to fix.

And yes, I will try this, and see which one works easier AND which one is easier for people to remember. I KNOW I’ve shown some people my technique 100 times, including the person who sent me this link

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