Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Best made plans…

You know I had a great start today, getting up early before the tourons and getting some of my shopping done, some only because Wal-Mart is failing in the inventory department… Then I was going to sew.. Read my words… “My plan is make another one today, and if things go well, I might just make two.”

I went into the office/temporary sewing room and looked at the churn dash mini I’d made and decided one was enough. I decided to do something different, some mini baskets. I made mini baskets a while back for an ugly swap, and they turned out really cute so why not make some more. Why not… because my body decided today would be a good day to have the shakes and quivers… I cut, and cut and then cut again finally getting the pieces I needed…. If I wasn’t starting out so small it wouldn’t be a problem, but when you are cutting 1 3/8 inch squares in half diagonally and mess up, all you have is trash.

Then I tried sewing. I sewed, and ripped and sewed again. Then I pressed…. Whoops… I don’t think the red was pre-washed. Well at least I have a good sample block to use as my guide when I stop shaking and can sew again. I have three good baskets finished, and that’s all for today….. unless I stop shaking!

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