Monday, August 09, 2010

Got to the pool at last!

I was sitting here in my lonely over priced hotel room and I realized the sun had come out. Looked out the window and saw there were huge clouds off in the distance, but maybe far enough away I could get to the pool so I could say I'd been to the pool... And I did. The pool was glorious and the air even nicer, someone had turned down the humidity and sent a nice breeze. I took a dip, read some, took another dip, read some more and then... thunder... SO I packed up and headed back to my room. But on the way I found a new restaurant hidden in a little alley in the hotel and decided to look at the menu. They offered a appetizer of arugula salad and a crab cake at a reasonable price, and it was better than going out in the rain to find something else, so I went in. It was delish! SO delish that I am going there for dinner too. Heck, I might eat all my meals there, LOL!

The book I am reading is Sugar Camp Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini and I finished another mini, making progress and having fun... despite the rain I'm having an AOK vacation!

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