Sunday, August 08, 2010

So what does one do?

What do you do when the rain, but mostly thunder and lightening keeps you from the pool and you are stuck in a hotel... an expensive hotel even.... I'll tell you what you do. You find cheap (free) transportation to Walt Disney World. We took the shuttle to Downtown Disney and then another shuttle to the Contemporary Resort and enjoyed a delicious lunch. For the cost of one sandwich here at the hotel (see this morning's post) I had a turkey BLT on whole grain bread with a yummy side salad of green beans AND John had a burger with home made chips. We splurged and added chocolate chip cookies and it still was cheaper than eating here. And it was YUMMY. So much so I just might make that trip again some day, LOL!

The ride was pleasant, we went from resort to resort and had a front row seat the whole way. The driver was friendly and pleasant, enjoyable. We also rode the monorail the whole loop, just for the fun of it.

Now John is off conferencing and I'm here blogging. When I'm done I am going to get started on a book... I forget which one I am reading but will let you know later.

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