Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More rain

Yep, you got it, another wet thundery lightening day in Orlando. However I did get two hours at the pool to enjoy the pleasant breezes and sunshine, and even took a nice long swim before the thunder started. We could hear it coming off in the distance and a few people were taking bets on how long it would be before they cleared the pool. I decided to beat the rush and packed up my stuff first. I stopped in the ladies room before walking through the hotel wet and drippy, using the blow dryer to dry myself off a little. And when I came out of the ladies room it was POURING and I got all wet all over again, LOL! But at least I wasn't alone, there was a line of wet people coming in the door behind me.

I will admit that I'm enjoying my time at the pool, reading, taking a swim, reading some more, just plain relaxing. I had thought about taking some hand work with me, but decided I'd better keep that for room work. Besides, I think the breeze would have made it harder to sew. This pool is for adults only and there is hardly a soul there when I'm there. There is also a kids pool, and as tempted as I was to play on the water slide, the noise level forced me to go to the adults only pool. So peaceful and so relaxing... sigh

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