Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today is the deadline

Today is the mailing deadline for the AAQI challenge. It was the arrival deadline, but so many asked for extensions that I changed it to mailing deadline. I will wait anxiously for the mail lady for the next four or five mails. If every package arrives that claims to be in the mail, I will have a nice collection to send to Ami for Houston.

Even if no more arrive, I’m very happy with what I am sending now. They are all gorgeous and I’m glad I don’t have to pick a winner. In my opinion, they are all winners, for wanting to help.
Thanks ladies, from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Glad to hear more are coming in. My Post Office says you should get mine today. So, how many do you have? I guess it would be better to tell that number next Saturday as everything should be to you by then.

    Are you going to collect these... well duh, you said you were. But, I guess is how often -- quarterly, monthly? Does it make Ami's life easier if we send to you rather than to her? I've got another little quilt going upstairs as I type. B.

  2. It was fun to do. It is nice to make something and not wonder what to do with it after it is finished.


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