Sunday, August 08, 2010

So much for that

Today's plans were to take a book and sit by the pool and relax. Problem is, they don't allow you to sit outside near the pool when it is thunder and lightening.... wonder why? So now what...

Let me tell you a little about a hotel I do NOT recommend when visiting Orlando, unless someone else is paying that is. THIS ONE... First, look at the room rate. Yes that says $899 a DAY. (Sorry it's fuzzy, they hid it in a closet and there isn't a light in there) Even Disney is cheaper than that. We're not paying that, we're not paying anything, work pays for it and they are only paying $169.

Note under the room fees it says “Resort fee $25 per day” Yep, work is paying for that too. They are not paying the $14 a day parking fee, we have to pay that one ourselves, although he will put in for it when he gets back to work and see if maybe they will cover it too.

So my number one reason for not staying here is cost. Want more $ excuses not to stay here... a sandwich at the deli is $15. What comes with that $15... bread, meat and some red skinny thing that I think may have been a tomato in a previous life.

However if you come to Florida to look at a lovely view from your room window, I can't complain. No I'm not over looking Epcot like we did a few years ago when we conferenced here. This is what I get to see...

Good thing I brought four books to read!

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