Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm here

Although I'm not quite sure where here is LOL! We are on our way home and vacation is almost over. Before I go any further let me clarify one thing... I have had a nice vacation. I can think of one nice thing every day, honest. When we left home it was glorious, but crossing the NC/SC line brought on the rain, which has cursed us every single day including today. This certainly will go down in history as our wettest vacation ever.

Day one's good time was finally getting off the highway and out of the rain. Day two's good time was arriving safely in Kissimmee. Day three's good time was finishing one of the minis I brought with me to work on, success in the sewing department. Day four's good time was finally making it to the pool and not getting rained on. Day five's good time was dinner with my honey, always nice, but even nicer when I'm not cooking. Day six found us at Epcot, John's favorite Disney park. Lots of good times there, including Sourin' which we did twice because we liked it so much. And if you were wondering, yes it rained while we were at Epcot, twice. But both times we were inside and not a drop of rain fell on us. We got wet anyway, sweat... it was SOOOOOooooo hot. How hot, like in the high 90s.

Today we are headed home, and I've watched the thermometer go from 82 to 102 and down again and up and down again. We'll be home sometime soon and honestly, I can't wait. Lots of photos to share and maybe I'll even show you the seven minis I finished, maybe.

To answer a few comments and emails..
I don't know how many minis have arrived this week, my mail is being held at the post office.

My knees did ok, until I twisted them badly while out walking one evening. John pushed me around Epcot again, I could barely stand. Today I am doing better, although have been pushing the pain pills pretty regularly. Sitting doesn't help much either.

Yes, I finished Sugar Camp Quilt, and I enjoyed it a lot. No I did not start another one, although I have it packed in my bag... sadly I can't read while we are moving. Riding is wasted time to me.

Why Florida in August, NOT our choice, LOL! That is where the conference was so that is where we went. I don't think we will be going to this particular conference again, at least not next year.

And yes, I did get slightly sunburned, just on my upper arms and shoulders. I guess my sunscreen wasn't as water proof as it said it was. Just slightly red and it didn't hurt at all.

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