Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Depression #5

No I'm not depressed, but I finally found out where all the rain is coming from. Today the sky just has a few tiny clouds in it, and there isn't a threatening cloud in site. I think I will take my minis to the pool with me today.

Something that is depressing, the oil spill in the Gulf. Since we lived in Texas in the early 70s there has been a special place in my heart for the Gulf of Mexico. No matter where I've seen it from, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida, the Gulf was beautiful. I spent a lovely spring on the Gulf one year, and the thought of it covered with oil sickened me. Yesterday at the pool I was talking to a lady from Gulfport and she said it was sad to see the damage the oil spill has created. Sadder yet are the years it will take to get everything back to normal, if that can ever be done.

Well I think I will head to the pool now and see if I can finish my bindings.

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