Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Give aways?

I have a question, if the Go is so wonderful, why is everyone giving them away? If I had one and loved it I would not give it away. OK.. I know... the maker is giving them away to people to give away, good advertising, I guess. But if they are giving so many away, wouldn’t it be better for business to just lower the price off ALL of them, making them more affordable to the common quilter?

I’ve seen what seems like a billion Go Give-Aways on blogs. So if they reduce the cost of the Go by the number they’ve given away, I’d think the cost would be half what it retails for. Wishful thinking on my part.

I’ve considered getting one for the ladies to use at the retreats and of course for me to use at home between retreats. But they are costly. The Go costs $350 plus shipping and the Studio runs $595. If I bought one it would be the Studio Bread & Butter Starter Set, only $1605. I haven’t seen anyone giving one of those away yet. Guess I’d better add that to my “If I ever win the lottery list”


  1. I can't help but agree with you. Every time I look at the cutters I glance at the price and pick up my good ole rotary cutter. LOL

  2. I tend to think that they are salting their audience with the basic cutting machine and will get the vast majority of their profits with all the DIES everyone will have to buy.

    Much like computer printers are so doggone inexpensive these days (its cheaper to buy a new one than to get your own fixed) .. well, it's not the price of the printer that is lucrative but the price of the replacement ink cartridges!

    I recently rediscovered that the Sizzix I bought for scrapbooking many years ago will ALSO cut fabric! Well ... hmm ... can you say Accu-cut Light? :-) Sure the dies are smaller than the Accu-cut but I wouldn't normally be even thinking of cutting out smaller applique shapes like that ... so now I'm getting more bang for my buck with my plain, simple, little Sixxiz machine. :-)

  3. The only way I could afford one is to win. And then I really wouldn't know what to do with it. I don't have any room.


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