Monday, August 02, 2010

Do you like bugs?

I don’t mean the creepy crawly kind, I mean the car. My son has always loved them, and he probably gets that love from his Father and I. The very first car we had as a young married couple was a 1960 VW bug, and we’ve owned quite a few since then. Here’s Jonathon helping Dad wash one we had while living in San Antonio a long long long time ago. (1983 to be exact)

Anyway, while blog hopping this morning I found a picture of a new bug all fancied up. When I read the article that went with it, lo and behold I know one of the ladies who helped make the car… no not on the production line, but the quilt part of it!

Maureen was one of the original retreaters and has visited us several times, although it’s been WAY too long since we saw her last. Nice to see she is still quilting, and so fun to see her recent work!

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