Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Nothing to show yet, but I finished except for hand work on the bindings two more miniatures. And I received another two in the mail today. Still a far cry from 100, but better than nothing.

I think I will give myself a goal for the next year of making at least one miniature a month, and if that seems too easy, perhaps I will raise my goal to two a month. After all I did two in the last two days, surely I can manage two a month… knock on wood, hope the creek don’t rise, and making a wish.

Would you believe that I was at Wal-Mart again at 7:30 this AM? Had to exchange one of the pairs of shorts I bought for John. It was a pleasant 80 degrees out with a nice breeze, so before I came home I made a side trip to the beach. It was lovely, and I was tempted to stay… but I had sewing to do and I knew the temperature was going up.

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