Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I guess this is depression 6?

OK, so this morning the skies were clear and blue, just a few little white puffs of clouds floating here and there. So I went to the pool to do some handwork and cool off. It was glorious. I finished one mini and took a dip. Then another mini, and another dip. I was really enjoying myself when someone said loudly, “Where did that come from?” and I looked up to see a BIG BLACK cloud hovering over the hotel.

Since I had my very special miniatures with me and since I didn't want them to get wet, I decided to pack up and head inside. Not quite as easy as it sounds since technically we were no longer guests, even though John was still conferencing. I went into the ladies room and changed into dry clothes, putting my wet suit in a plastic bag I had brought along just incase I didn't have time to dry off, good move.

Just a few minutes later John finished up his conference and we left the hotel. Guess what, it as raining. We stopped for dinner, guess what, more rain. Finished dinner, still raining. Checked into hotel for the evening, still raining. I think this will go down in history as the wettest vacation yet!

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  1. boy you are getting the wet end of the weather and my guess is Delaware is probably getting rain too. At least Silver Spring, MD had quite the bout of rain, hail, thunder and lightening. Sorry you can't relax by the pool all the time (but we don't want you to come back sun burned.) I am working on a mini quilt that looks a lot like the floor tile picture but blue and yellow. I hope to send it out next Wednesday. B.


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