Friday, August 27, 2010

Do we need all the quilts we make?

This morning a friend asked “do we need all the quilts we make?” and it got me to thinking….

When I started quilting it was to help a friend with a quilting demo… I have a few of the pieces I made for that demo still, heaven knows why but I am very happy I do. They are a part of my history and made for some fun showings at trunk shows.

Then I started making quilts for gifts, then for demonstrations and samples. I still have some of them, others I gave away and even sold.

When I started teaching I made samples in steps as well as finished quilts for each class. Some of the steps are on my UFO list, some I finished and donated a few years back. Some I gave away unfinished, and the friend I gave them to finished them, quilted them and donated them to Children’s Hospital. Some of my samples have gone to Linus Quilts and more recently I sent a few quilts to Margaret’s Hope Chest.

Of the other 400 some quilts I have made in my life time I have 49 UFOs and about 125 quilts in my quilt closet, not counting miniatures, wall hangings and quilts on beds, sofas, chairs and in piles in the office and sewing room. Sooner or later someone, hopefully me, will find deserving homes for all of the quilts. Some I truly hope to sell to raise money for Relay and AAQI.

Now I sew to make samples mostly, although occasionally just for fun. I found the miniatures quite fun and challenging too, and will be making more.

OH… I also sew to use up my stash. Sooner or later someone, hopefully me, will empty all those shelves of fabric!

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