Friday, August 27, 2010

Emotional Minutes

Here I sit at my computer filling out registration forms for all of the miniatures sent in by so many people, reading all the reasons why everyone sent, and remembering my own reason for getting involved… dear Aunt Sheryl. What a delightful person she was, how sweet and caring and so wonderful and full of life…

And John calls to tell me “We are coming to visit you” I say “We?” and he answers “Aunt Sheryl and I” First I was shocked, what timing. Second I was still in my PJs, try explaining that to someone who gets dressed the second she gets out of bed in the morning, and third, I was working on the miniatures she inspired.

So first, get over my shock and run and get dressed. Second, make bed, incase she wanders down the hallway… something else she never liked was an unmade bed, LOL! Third, try to decide what to do with miniatures, incase she asks.

No time to do anything with them as they walk in the back door. Hugs, small talk, and then she asks “What are you working on” probably because she sees colorful little things sitting on my table. So I showed her, all of them, every single one. She loved them all, making compliments and comments on each one. I explained how friends had made them and they would be sent off to a charity to raise money. Thankfully she didn’t ask what charity.

And then they were off, she had a dentist appointment and John had forgotten to take the check book which was why the quick visit. As she left she commented on all the paintings on our walls. I told her I had a friend who was an artist… although she recognized all of her work… she smiled and said “Oh yes, we had some good times” and turned around and left.

I hope she really remembers the good times we had. I hope she knows how much she has changed my life. I hope she knows how much John and I love her, and how we would do anything possible to make her happy. I am thrilled she remembers me at all. I had a good cry, then shared this with you all, now back to registering those miniatures.

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