Saturday, August 07, 2010

On the road again

We have been.... but are settled in for a few nights before we head home. It's conference time again, this year in Orlando. John's conferencing, not me, I'm just along for the ride. What a ride it was. Totally uneventful until we passed by South of the Border and crossed over the NC/SC line and the sky opened up. It POURED, and I do mean poured... traffic slowed down to under 40MPH, 40 seemed like flying when we got that fast. At times we stopped totally, then picked up again to 20, maybe 30, and then stopped again. Thank goodness we never saw any accidents, but a lot of people were stopping on the sides of the highway, not good.

We got off the highway at one point to find dinner with hopes it would stop raining. Instead we found flooded roads and pulled into the first joint we found, a Wendy's. Their computers were down, but they were still serving. After dinner back on the road and more crawling until we reached our destination for the evening. Good thing we'd made reservations as everyone was looking for a place to stay to get out of the rain and off the highway.

Morning brought us a break in the rain, and we were soon on our way to our next destination, lunch, LOL! I've found a favorite BBQ joint that serves yummy ribs, and even yummier fried okra! Somewhere mid-GA... saved on the Germin favorites, so we will never forget how to get there.

After lunch back on the road, arriving at our final destination for a while at least, and John's conference. I have plenty to keep me busy while he is stuck in meetings, reading and some hand work, and a lovely adult only pool side to do it at... weather permitting. And if the weather doesn't, our room will do.

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