Sunday, August 01, 2010

July Stash report

WOW… amazing.. I not only USED fabric in July, I also bought some! I’m not sure which I am prouder of!

On the using…. I sent four boxes of fabrics to donors. Also one small box went to a friend who makes quilts for children in Children’s Hospital and another one to a friend who is making QOV. I don’t measure what I put in the boxes, I just stuff it in there until it’s full. A guesstimate is that a medium priority box holds about 32 yards…

I also used about five yards of fabric in my November mystery project, 3 1/2 yards in the Super Duper Easy and 3 yards on my Any Size You Want. I also used about 2 yards of fabrics on my bass-ackwards blocks. And I used up what some people would call worthless scraps on a few miniatures for the AAQI.

BUT… I also bought fabric, added to my stash, LOL! I bought four yards of backing fabric for the November Mystery (couldn’t decide which color so bought extra) and 2 1/2 yards of navy for the Super Duper Easy (bought extra incase I needed it and I just might use that for the backing). Truthfully I ordered five yards, but the second color I ordered was backordered so I cancelled it. (That should count as a use, LOL!) AND I bought a baggie of white-on-white scraps, great ones already used and some 5 inch charms which I haven’t used yet.

AND… I haven’t confessed this one yet… I bought 32 yards of white-on-whites. No I am not hanging my head in shame, I am quite pleased with that purchase. I love having a variety of w-o-w in my scrappy quilts and I had used up a lot of my inventory this month. So I looked at a favorite seller on eBay and sure enough he had white-on-whites up for sale. I will re-sell some to the ladies at the October Retreat who need w-o-ws and the rest will go in my stash.

If I had to guess, I would say I used/gave away more than I bought. Regardless, I am happy. Happy I am using and happy to be needing to buy. Just plain happy to be playing with fabric again really.. what a delight!

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